Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A few weeks ago I started to draw with pencil after quiet a long time! Because I like the actress Milla Jovovich I've done some studies of her!

Christmas is over and of course I've painted some pictures and gave them away as presents:) The first one is a portrait of my sister at her wedding. The second one shows the children of a friend who wanted them painted in a star wars scene with Yoda. The last one was painted for my sister's husband who wanted to look like a zombie.

Hey guys! I'm back after a long time! It's a long story to tell, so I won't bore you to death:D But  I have new stuff to show and I hope you'll like it:)

Well, let's start with the oldest stuff I've done during my absence of no blogging etc.:

My first studies from life (from 2013). I neeeeed to practice muuuuch more, I know that!

Some (screenshot-)studies:

And of course I've painted a few illustrations:

The following pictures are my latest works I've done the last months:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Here are my first illustrations I've done a few months ago:

And this picture is my latest one:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey guys, here's the stuff I've done the last weeks. It's actually not that much but I have to say that I still feel in a way frustrated and overcharged by the hole painting stuff. So, I've decided to update my blog and I'll promise to do it regulary! I hope it will help me to motivate myself! Everyone has to deal with these periods of frustration so I have just to keep up doing my stuff!

I did this portrait maybe 2 months ago. It was actually an old black and white photo and I was asked to paint it with color. So I decided to see it as a challenge and tried to paint the lightning from imagination. That's the result:

Screenshot-study (Movie: 'Crank')

Study of my sister and her husband. I tried to give the picture a more painterly look. It was a lot of fun!!

After the black and white studies a few weeks ago I've done these girls from imagination. To be honest, I'm not happy with the result but I hope it's getting better next time!:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Now I'm trying to do some coloured landscape studies. At the beginning I don't want to do them too detailed because I want to practice perspective and how light hits on objects.

I've found some old screenshot studies which I've done in November 2013.

Now I'm working on new screenshot studies to learn how to create a good and interesting atmosphere.

After some black and white studies I've returned to the usage of colours. The following picture shows my sister and the main character of "Warm Bodies".

Since April I could not get further because I've worked too stubbornly, have been blocked all the time and so I spread myself too thin - that's why I had a little break. Now I've decided to do this blog for documenting my work process. This helps me to deal with my problems but even more to focus on the solutions.

To work more freely, I've restarted by doing a couple of quick black and white studies - portraits as well as landscapes (which I had never done before) - without sketching and most of them drawn on one layer. After that I've painted a few pictures from imagination.
I've noticed that I struggled with the background of my illustrations and that's why I keep on working.

Here's some stuff from imagination: